This is me in working mood like a real estate agent.


Hi, my name is Dilyana,

I like to wander around the world, to meet interesting people and to explore different cultures.

This is Hristo in working mood like a lawyer.



Hristo is my husband. Тhankfully he loves the same things like me. He is the father of drones and go pro fan.


Together we are Lazy Travels and we’d like to share our journey with you.  


We’ve travelled to over 30 countries in a different way – by car, by train, by bus, by camper, by plane and by ferry. Usually we travel like a couple but we love to share our trips with friends as well.

We are here:

To inspire you to travel more and better

To share our experiences about favourite spots around the world

To suggest you countries to visit, places to stay and eat, tips to help you organize your vacations

To meet you with interesting people and their stories

We believe:

That the world is beautiful and not dangerous

That it is possible to travel without being rich

That it is possible to have a healthy relationship while travelling with the one you love.

See you on the road and happy LazyTravels 🙂